Lorne Stewart Group

Making the difference

Committed to promoting safer, healthier lives


Health and safety and the impact we have on the environment is our priority and we are proud of our consistent high standards in all our activities. We have developed a health, safety and environmental awareness culture which is committed to taking all reasonable precautions for the prevention of injuries and ill health to our employees, sub-contractors and others who may be affected by our work activities. This maintains a healthy environment and prevents any damage or loss to property, plant, equipment and the environment.

Health & Safety

Committed to

We proactively work with all stakeholders including clients, designers, contractors, supply chain and the workforce to make Zero incidents a reality by:

  • Addressing health and safety issues in a timely manner
  • Developing a pro-active approach to health and safety
  • Establishing a culture of acceptance of target Zero as normal working practice
  • Developing an acceptance within the working environment to act safely at all times in achieving our goal of a target Zero workplace.


Lorne Stewart Group lands their fourth RoSPA President’s Award after 14 consecutive Golds!

Paul Briars, CEO, Lorne Stewart Engineering commented:

“This internationally-recognised award once again demonstrates that we are world-leaders in ensuring our people get home safely to their families at the end of every working day and rewards our consistent and excellent standards of Health and Safety management systems throughout our offices and construction sites. I would like to thank all our people for Making the Difference in their commitment to continually improving our safety culture and enabling us to remain the best of the best in what is the most sought-after achievement awards for Health and Safety, worldwide.”


Committed to continually improving our environmental performance and sustainable procurement

We recognise that environmental awareness is essential to sustainable development and believe that the keeping in balance of the environment and environmental resources will subsequently lead to healthier and more acceptable conditions for work and social activity.

We take responsibility for our environmental impacts and are committed to continually improving our environmental performance sustainable procurement.

We are a supply Chain Sustainability School Silver member along with many other construction industry members.


Exceeding customer expectations

Our people and processes are developed to continually inspect and self-certify our work to the highest quality standards. We meet all statutory and regulatory requirements and to continually improve our business performance and the satisfaction of our customers, by striving to deliver products and services which meet, and where possible exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.