Lorne Stewart Facilities

Making the difference

Exceeding customer expectations

Our strategy

Our strategy is to deliver low risk, sustainable profitable growth through long term value based relationships with our customers; low risk for our customer when engaging us to deliver; low risk for our supply chain when engaged to work with us and a sensible risk approach when bidding for new work. We achieve this through 5 focus areas:


Operational excellence delivered through engaged people is at the heart of everything we do. This is not just about the technical delivery on site but encompasses all of our support functions which enable our teams to shine.


Focussing on our people, their capabilities and engagement means you as a customer feel the benefit. Everything we do is through our people and we must enable them and give them the tools and training to succeed.


Maintaining longer term value based relationships by positively impacting on your outcomes. We can only do this if we really understand your needs, a key part of the contract award process. This links to our vision on enabling you to excel.


Delivering a Safe working environment for everyone looking after the Health and welfare of our staff. Quality services delivered and measured with a view to minimising our Environmental impact.


Developing future road maps together that embrace the continual improvement process, using innovation and technology to make real improvements and combining with data analysis to measure and track improvements.