Lorne Stewart Facilities

Making the difference

The true spirit of our company

Our people

Our ‘People Vision’ makes us one of the UK's most high performing service companies. We continue to invest in our people, operations and systems with the aim to deliver high performance as standard. We regularly conduct staff surveys which provides a strong barometer regarding staff satisfaction and quantifies levels of engagement.

Our ‘people strategy’

We maintain and refresh our ‘People Strategy’ to keep up with best practice on a regular basis and we improve our ‘People Vision’ by hiring practioners from world class organisations outside our industry, utilising external best practice consultants and advisors such as the Corporate Leadership Council.


We attract, retain and promote individuals who are the most suitable for the current and future needs of our business. Our recruitment objectives are based on the candidate’s attitude and individual merit as measured against the job description and person specification.

Recognition and motivation

‘We pride ourselves on colleague retention by having a robust induction process for all new starters, developing line manager’s people skills to ensure fair and consistent management of our people, improving learning and development opportunities through our Academy and improving colleague involvement through our Communications Forums.