Lorne Stewart Engineering

Making the difference

Improving the construction industry across many facets

Offsite manufacture

From concept to completion, our offsite facility has been supplying multi-service corridor modules, plant skids and pre-fabricated pipework to the construction industry for almost 10 years. We work with your co-ordinators and designers to modularise the M&E services prior to manufacture at our facility, or take on the co-ordination of the services in the modularised zones to ensure that the modules are integrated into the system design more efficiently.

Value engineering

Why Modularise in today’s building services market?

Cost efficiency
Offsite prefabrication helps deliver projects within schedule and budget - in contrast with traditional construction methods. Prefabrication makes projects easier to manage and brings time and cost certainty.

Better quality
Meticulous design detailing and in-house prefabrication in a state-of-the-art environment, coupled with rigorous quality control, ensures products of the highest standard.

Improved Health & Safety
With a majority of services and their containment being modularised and manufactured remotely, installation requires fewer people on site, for less time and in fewer site visits. This improves health and safety on site.

Shorter programme
Offsite manufacture continues 24/7/365 whatever the weather. Construction programmes are shortened with precisely scheduled ‘just in time’ deliveries. The high quality modularised services are then installed in a fraction of the time required by traditional construction methods.

Optimised design
Design, prefabrication and installation of the building services modules are fully integrated and coordinated with the traditional services to which they connect. Our project delivery teams and design teams work closely from early planning to ensure all services are spatially coordinated and the most efficient solutions are delivered.


Custom designed 2-D and 3-D modules

Custom designed modules for use in primary & secondary horizontal service distribution routes.


Custom designed riser modules

Riser modules for use in primary & secondary vertical service distribution routes. Electrical riser modules can also be supplied with busbar trunking c/w end-feeds, tap-offs, earth bars and distribution boards.

Plant rooms

Fully fitted packaged and sectionalised plant rooms

Fully fitted packaged and sectionalised plant rooms for both internal and external situations. Plant rooms are delivered with all services installed and tested.

Prefabricated sub-assemblies

Prefabricated pipe headers and valve sets to plant 'skids'

These range from prefabricated pipe headers and valve-sets to plant 'skids' - frames/platforms onto which plant/equipment and pipework are assembled in sizes that allow their introduction into the building with the minimum of on-site work to connect them together.